7.10 Online Update

Online Update enables you to update the Appliance.

  1. On the ZENworks Reporting Appliance home page, under Appliance Configuration, click Online Update.

You can perform the following actions:

  • Register: Enables you to register with Micro Focus Customer Center server or a Local Subscription Management Tool (SMT) server from where you can download software updates and install automatically to update the product.

    To register online update service:

    1. Click the Register tab.

    2. Choose the type of service Local SMT (Subscription Management Tool) or Novell Customer Center (NCC).

      Based on the service type, specify the following:

      Local SMT

      • Hostname: The hostname of the server from where you want to download.

      • SSL Cert URL (optional): The SSL certificate to communicate with the server.

      • Namespace path (optional): The name space of the file or directory.

      Micro Focus Customer Center

      • Email: The email address to receive the updates on the appliance.

      • Activation key: The activation key for the server base license.

      • Allow data send: choose how you want to receive the data Hardware Profile or Optional information.

    3. Click Register.

  • Update Now: After registration, click Update Now to trigger downloaded updates.

  • Schedule: After registration, you can configure type of updates to download and whether to automatically agree with the licenses.

    To schedule online update:

    1. Click the Schedule tab.

    2. Select a schedule for download updates (Manual, Daily, Weekly, Monthly).

  • View Info: Displays the list of installed and downloaded software updates.

  • Refresh: Refreshes the status of updates on the Appliance.