14.1 Prerequisites

  • From the ZENworks 2020 Update 2 release onwards, new enhancements have been introduced to secure communication between the Inventory-only devices and the ZENworks server. After you upgrade to ZENworks 2020 Update 3 from the previous release, these enhancements are disabled by default. To turn on these enhancements, see Security Reference Guide.

    If you do not turn on these enhancements, the existing procedure of registering Inventory-Only Agent (IOA) devices applies.

  • As a part of these enhancements, you need to have the following in place to register Inventory-only devices:

    • Authorization Key: Procure an Authorization Key and specify this key, while executing the zac ioa cfg command to register the device.

    • Pre-approved Device: If you do not have an Authorization key, then you can add the device in the list of pre-approved devices and then execute the zac ioa cfg command to register the device.

  • The network (.NET required) package requires that Microsoft .NET 4.8 or later is installed on the device prior to registering the device.