2.0 Antimalware Configuration

There are multiple settings that need to be configured to start protecting and monitoring managed devices from malware threats using ZENworks Endpoint Security Antimalware. There are also settings that are configured by default upon product activation, which you can modify as needed, but no initial configuration is required to begin using Antimalware. The rights to modify Antimalware settings is selected by default in the Zone Rights role for Administrator privileges. For more information about configuring Administrator rights, see the ZENworks Administrator Accounts and Rights Reference.

For Antimalware design best practices that you should consider before deploying Antimalware protection, see Antimalware in the ZENworks Best Practices Guide.

Refer to the items below for settings you need to configure when first deploying Antimalware protection, those that have default settings that you can customize as needed, and potential troubleshooting procedures:

Settings requiring initial configuration:

Pre-configured settings (changes are optional):

Troubleshooting Configuration Issues: