B.0 Administrator Passwords

The Full Disk Encryption Agent provides several features that are intended for use only by a ZENworks administrator or by a user under the direction of a ZENworks administrator. These features are grouped together in the Full Disk Encryption Agent’s About dialog box.

In order to use the Administrator features, you must provide the FDE Admin password for the Full Disk Encryption policy assigned to the device, or you must have enabled a ZENworks Agent override password. If you use an override password on a device, we recommend the following practice:

  • If you are the one using the override password on a device, you can use the password as defined in the ZENworks Agent Security settings in ZENworks Control Center.

  • If you are allowing a user to access the Administrator options, you should generate an override password key for the user. The key functions like the override password but allows you to specify who can use the key, what device it can be used on, and when the key expires. Using a key enables you to maintain the security of your override password and impose override restrictions on the key. For information about generating an override password key, see Password Key Generator in the ZENworks Endpoint Security Utilities Reference.