33.0 Precached Content

ZENworks precaches and distributes content among Primary Servers, Satellites, and managed devices. This includes the following content:

Each ZENworks Server contains a content repository. The content repository stores all bundle, policy, Patch Management, Product Recognition Update (PRU) and system update content that has been precached to the server and any images that have been captured and stored to the server.

  • Bundles: The files, configuration settings, installation instructions, and so forth required to deploy and manage an application or files on a device. Used in ZENworks Configuration Management and ZENworks Patch Management.

  • Policies: The set of rules that control a range of hardware and software configuration settings on managed devices. Used in ZENworks Configuration Management.

  • Patches: The files and instructions required to update existing software on a managed device. Used in ZENworks Patch Management.

  • System Updates: The software updates for ZENworks system components. Used in ZENworks Configuration Management, ZENworks Asset Management, ZENworks Patch Management, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management and ZENworks Full Disk Encryption.