34.4 Changing the Location of the Temporary Location on a Windows Server

Creating bundles that contain content temporarily requires up to twice the amount of disk space as the original files. The bundle creation process uploads copies of the original files from the local machine to a temporary directory on the ZENworks content server. The process then packages those files as encrypted, compressed ZENworks content files. After the ZENworks content files are created, the original uploaded files are automatically deleted.

When the bundle is created in ZENworks Control Center, the temporary files are stored in the installation_path\zenserver_home\share\tomcat\temp location.

NOTE:ZENworks runs a recurring queue action everyday to delete files and directories older than 4 days. This value can be configured in the TomcatTempCleanup.xml file and the names of the deleted files can be printed in the log files by configuring the printFileNames parameter.

If the space on the default temporary location is insufficient, you can specify a different disk drive to be the location of temporary files.In Windows, this is done by “mounting” the drive. Mounting is simply pointing an existing path to a hard drive partition without the use of mapped drive letters.

In the following steps, you mount the default temporary location to a disk drive partition, which becomes the new temporary location:

  1. Make sure that the disk drive you want to use is attached to the server and is properly formatted as NTFS.

    This disk drive can be an existing or new one for the machine. The hardware must be recognized by the server. However, do not specify a drive letter if you are adding a new disk drive to the machine. Windows does not allow mounting to a drive letter.

  2. Stop all ZENworks Services.

  3. Click Start, right-click the My Computer icon, then select Manage.

    You can also click Start, then enter compmgmt.msc at the Run command line.

  4. Select Disk Management under the Storage section in the left pane.

    The disk drive you selected in Step 1 should be displayed in the right pane.

  5. (Conditional) If a driver letter is associated with the partition that you want to use as the new content repository location, do the following:

    1. In the Computer Management dialog box, right-click the drive’s partition.

    2. Select Change Drive Letter and Paths.

    3. Select the drive letter.

    4. Click Remove, then select Yes to confirm.

  6. Right-click the partition of the disk drive that you want to use as your temporary location, then select Change Driver Letter and Paths.

    This is the disk drive that you will mount to the temporary location directory in Step 9.

  7. Click Add.

    This displays the Add Drive Letter or Path dialog box.

  8. Select Mount in the Following Empty NTFS Folder, browse for and select the default temporary location directory, then click Next.

    The default directory is installation_path\zenserver_home\share\tomcat\temp.

    This mounts the default path to the hard drive partition that you selected in Step 7.

    If necessary, format the drive as NTFS using the Computer Management feature in Windows.

  9. Click the buttons as necessary to exit and save the configuration change.

  10. Start all ZENworks Services.

From this point on, all ZENworks data is written directly to the new temporary location on the selected hard drive partition.