ZENworks Asset Management Reference

  ZENworks Asset Management Reference
    License Compliance
      License Compliance Concepts
        Installation Data
        License Data
        Suites and Software Collections
        Version Upgrades
      Setting Up License Compliance
        Preparing Your Management Zone
        Setting Up Compliance for Software Products
        Monitoring Compliance
      Configuring Compliance Settings
      Monitoring Compliance Status
        Home Page
        Licensed Products List
        Licensed Product’s Compliance Status Page
      Generating Compliance Reports
      Working with Licensed Products
        Viewing the Licensed Products List
        Filtering the Licensed Products List
        Creating a Licensed Product Folder
        Refreshing Compliance Status
        Creating a Licensed Product
        Changing a Licensed Product’s General Information
        Adding Custom Fields to Licensed Products
        Merging Licensed Products
        Deleting a Licensed Product
        Moving a Licensed Product
      Working with Entitlements
        Viewing a Licensed Product’s Entitlements
        Creating an Entitlement
        Adding Catalog Products
        Adding Purchase Summary Records
        Adding Discovered Products
        Specifying User and Device Coverage
        Adding Contracts and Documents
      Working with Discovered Products
        How Installed Software Products Become Discovered Products
        Viewing the Discovered Products List
        Filtering the Discovered Products List
        Excluding Discovered Products from Compliance Calculations
        Adding Discovered Products to Licensed Products
        Adding Discovered Products to Software Collections
        Viewing a Discovered Product’s Installations
        Adjusting a Discovered Product’s Installation Count
        Assigning a Standards Category
        Manually Reconciling Duplicate Products
        Viewing the Inventory Products Included in a Discovered Product
        Refreshing Compliance Status
      Working with Purchase Records
        Viewing the Purchase Records List
        Filtering the Purchase Records List
        Creating a Purchase Record Folder
        Creating Purchase Records
        Viewing a Purchase Record’s Details
        Changing a Purchase Record’s General Information
        Deleting a Purchase Record
        Moving a Purchase Record
        Working with Import Files
      Working with Catalog Products
        Viewing the Catalog Products List
        Filtering the Catalog Products List
        Excluding Catalog Products from Compliance Calculations
        Creating Catalog Products by Importing Purchase Records
        Creating Catalog Products Manually
        Adding Purchased Licenses to a Catalog Product
        Adding Catalog Products to a Licensed Product
        Creating a Catalog Product Folder
        Viewing a Catalog Product’s Purchases
        Changing a Catalog Product’s General Information
        Adding Custom Fields to Catalog Products
        Deleting a Catalog Product
        Moving a Catalog Product
      Working with Software Collections
        How Software Collection Installations are Counted
        Creating a Software Collection
        Adding Products to a Software Collection
        Deleting a Software Collection
        Creating a Software Collection Folder
        Moving a Software Collection
      Configuring License Information Sources
        Configuring New GroupWise Source
        Configuring New Open Enterprise Server Source
        Configuring the New ZENworks Source
        Viewing the Automatically Created Products
        Setting a Schedule for Collecting License Information
        Managing Covered License Information Sources
      Asset Management Dashboard
        Licensed Products
    License Allocation
      License Allocation Concepts
        Allocation vs. Compliance
        Device Allocations and Demographic Allocations
      Preparing Demographic Data
        Adding Demographic Data to Devices
        Adding Demographic Data to Purchase Records
        Adding Demographic Data to Purchase Record Import Files
        Making Demographic Data Consistent Between Devices and Purchase Records
      Allocating Licenses
        Initializing Allocations
        Manually Adding Demographic Allocations
        Manually Adding Device Allocations
      Working with License Allocations
        Adjusting the License Quantity for a Demographic Allocation
        Removing Allocations
      Generating Allocation Reports
      License Tracking
    Software Usage
      Software Usage Concepts
        Software That is Tracked
        When Usage Data is Collected
        Basic Usage Data vs. Detailed Usage Data
      Configuring Usage Settings
      Setting Up Web Applications
      Monitoring Usage
        Discovered Products List
        Licensed Product’s Compliance Status Page
        Discovered Product’s Installation/Consumption Page
      Tracking the Usage of ZENworks Application Virtualization Applications
        ZAV Device Reconciliation
      Generating Usage Reports
      Creating New Contracts
      Working with Existing Contracts
        Viewing the Contracts List
        Filtering the Contracts List
        Creating a Contracts Folder
        Copying an Existing Contract
        Adding Documents to Contracts
      Working with Date Notifications
        Specifying an E-Mail Server
        Configuring Default Settings
        Adding Date Notifications to a Contract
        Viewing the Date Notifications List
        Filtering the Date Notifications List
        Creating Date Notification Folders
        Moving a Date Notification
        Deleting a Date Notification
      Working with Import Files
        Attaching Documents
        Importing Administrator-Defined Fields
        Locale Support for Date Formats
      Generating Contract Reports
      Uploading Documents
      Working with Documents
        Viewing the Documents List
        Filtering the Documents List
        Creating a Documents Folder
        Attaching Documents to Licensed Products, Contracts, and Purchase Summary Records
      Standard and Custom Report Descriptions
        License Management Reports
        Software Usage Reports
        Contract Management Reports
      Configuring Report Rights
      Configuring Report Settings
        Administrator Rights
      Working with Standard Reports
        Running a Report
        Exporting a Report
        Viewing a Report as a Graph
        Changing the Report Period
        Changing the Filter Criteria
      Working with Custom Reports
        Creating a Custom Report
        Running a Custom Report
        Scheduling a Custom Report
        Viewing a Scheduled Custom Report
        Editing a Custom Report
        Creating a Custom Report Folder
        Deleting a Custom Report Folder
        Moving a Custom Report
        Deleting a Custom Report
        Importing New Report Definitions
      Working with ZENworks Reporting
        Viewing a Predefined Report
        Predefined Reports
    Legal Notice