3.0 Prerequisites

Prior to using the Audit Management feature, ensure that the following requirements have been met:

  • Product Licensing: To configure events related to a specific component, ensure that the component license is activated. For example, if you want to configure Patch Management events, Patch Management must be activated in the zone. For more information, see the ZENworks Product Licensing Reference.

  • Audit Management Rights: To perform activities related to Audit Management, such as configuring audit events, viewing audit logs, and viewing audit events, ensure that you have the appropriate Audit Management rights. For more information about these rights, see Rights Descriptions in the ZENworks Administrator Accounts and Rights Reference.

  • Audit Reporting: In addition to being able to view audit data in ZENworks Control Center from the Audit Log and Dashboard, you can also use ZENworks Reporting to report against the events in the database. To use the Audit Reporting feature, you must set up the ZENworks Reporting on a Windows or Linux server in your environment.

  • Browser Setting for Firefox: In a Firefox browser, when you try to scroll through the logged audit events in the Dashboard, or any Audit-related pages such as the Audit Event Configuration Settings tree, it does not scroll effectively like a normal web page. To resolve this issue, in the Firefox browser, navigate to the Tools > Options > Advanced > General tab, and in the Browsing section, deselect the Use smooth scrolling checkbox.