4.1 Change Event Categories

You can configure the following types of change events:

  • ZENworks Endpoint Security Management: When an Endpoint Security policy is modified.

  • Full Disk Encryption: When a Disk Encryption policy is modified.

  • ZENworks System: When changes are made to the following objects:

    • Settings: When a zone setting or object setting is changed.

    • Certificates: For all changes made to the ZENworks certificates. The changes include, Change CA, Remint CA, Cancel CA Change, Cancel CA Remint, Backup CA, Restore CA, Move CA, Import Certificate, Cancel Server Remint, Remint Certificate, and Generate CSR.

    • User Source: When User Sources and User Source Connections are added, removed, deleted, or modified.

    • Administration: For all actions related to ZENworks Control Center login, administrator and administrator groups, credential vault, roles, and registration.

    • Location: When Locations and Network Environments are created, deleted, or modified.

    • System Update: For the various stages of system update deployment.

    • Users: For the various actions performed on users.

    • Licensing: When products are activated or deactivated.

    • Devices: For all changes made to devices, device folders, device groups, and Satellite Servers.

    • Bundles: For all actions performed on bundles and bundle groups.

    • Policies: For all actions performed on policies, policy folders, and policy groups.

    • Inventory: When LDAP import tasks are created, modified, and deleted.

    • Discovery Tasks and Deployment Tasks: For all changes made to discovery and deployment tasks.

    • Subscriptions: For all changes made to subscriptions and subscription folders.

    • Zone Sharing: When zone sharing is suspended or changes are made.

    • Patch: When patches are enabled, disabled, created, or modified.

For information about how to configure change events, see Enabling a Change Event.