6.3 Viewing and Generating Reports

In addition to being able to view audit data in the ZENworks Control Center Audit log and Dashboard, you can also use ZENworks Reporting to generate reports against the events in the audit database.

By using the ZENworks Audit domain in ZENworks Reporting, you can create custom tabular, cross tab, and chart reports. You can further mix and match these reports into dynamic Dashboards that provide you with the required data view. ZENworks Reporting also enables you to view predefined reports.

6.3.1 Viewing a Predefined Audit Report

  1. Use a web browser and navigate to the http://<hostname>:<port-number> or the http://<IP address>:<port-number> site and replace the IP address with the IP of the ZENworks Reporting Server installed in your zone.

    For the recommended browsers settings, refer to the Web Browser in the ZENworks Reporting Appliance Deployment and Administration Reference.

    • Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or higher

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (certified), 8 (certified), 9.0 (certified), 10.0 (v5.1)

    • Google Chrome 6.0 or higher

  2. In the login screen, specify values for the User ID and Password fields.

  3. In the Home screen, click View > Repository.

  4. In the left pane, under root, expand the tree and navigate to Organizations > Reports > ZENworks Audit > Predefined Reports.

    The available predefined reports are displayed in the right pane.

  5. Click All Audit Reports in a Month.

    This view displays the following objects as filters: Events Count, Event Created On, Event Type, Event Name, Event Classification, and Primary Target Object Name as filters.

    NOTE:Depending on the kind of information you want to view, you can select the relevant predefined reports. For more information about reporting, see the ZENworks Reporting System Reference.