9.2 Upgrading the Packages

You can upgrade packages from a bundle or an External Service.

To upgrade packages from the external services, you must have subscribed to the external services. For more information on how to subscribe to external services, see Section 8.0, Subscribing to External Services.

To install packages by using Linux bundles or Linux Dependency bundles, you must create a Linux bundle with the Install RPM action or a Linux Dependency bundle with the Distribute RPM action, then assign the bundle to a managed device with a specific schedule. For more information on how to create these bundles, see Section 6.0, Using Bundles for Linux Devices and for more information on how to assign the bundles to the devices, see ZENworks Software Distribution Reference.

  1. List the available updates by using the zac list-update command. You can list the updates based on bundles or External Services that are available on the agent by using the zac bundle-list and zac external-service-list commands respectively.

  2. Upgrade either all the available packages or packages from specific bundles or services.

    • To upgrade all the available packages, run the zac update command.

    • To upgrade packages available from a specific bundle, run the zac update bundle_name command.

    • To upgrade packages available from a specific service, run the zac update service_name command. Click Yes/Y to confirm the upgrade.

  3. Test the package upgrade by performing a dry run of the package before actually upgrading it by running the following command:

    zac upgrade --dry-run

For more information on the commands, see the ZENworks Command Line Utilities Reference.