9.9 Performing a Distribution Upgrade

You can perform a distribution upgrade to update all packages with a special resolver algorithm which takes care of package architecture change, package splits, pattern and product updates, etc.

Make sure that you have added the ZYpper service with the appropriate distribution on the managed device or assigned the ZENworks bundles to the managed device. For example, you can replicate SLES11-SP1 Pool catalog from Novell repositories and assign the bundle to the managed device.

To perform a distribution upgrade:

  1. List the updates available for the managed device by running the zac list-update command. The higher version of the packages that are available for upgrade is displayed.

  2. Install the updates by running the zac dist-upgrade [options] [bundle name | service name] […] command.

If no arguments are provided, packages from all ZENworks bundles and External Services are considered for distribution upgrade.

For more information, see the ZENworks Command Line Utilities Reference.