7.2 Adding Actions by Using the zman Command

You can add actions to Linux bundles or Linux Dependency bundles by using the zman commands.

  1. Create an XML file to export the package metadata by using the following command:

    zman linux-export-actions (Action type) (Action XML file path) (content files location path) [...]

    An XML file for the action and its corresponding contentInfo XML file are generated in the specified locations.

  2. Add the exported content to the server by using the following command:

    bundle-add-actions (baa) (bundle path) (action XML file) [...] [options]

By default, when you add an action, a sandbox version of the bundle is created. You can publish the bundle by using the zman bundle-sandbox-publish path_to_the_bundle command.

For more information on these commands, see the ZENworks Command Line Utilities Reference.