2.0 Introduction

ZENworks Configuration Management lets you use subscriptions to replicate content from NU, RCE, RHN, YUM or RPM-MD (authenticated and unauthenticated), ZENworks Linux Management, and Static repositories.

Subscriptions help you to obtain most of the software you want to distribute to managed devices. You can create subscriptions to:

  • Select the targets for which to replicate the content and create bundles.

  • Replicate content and create Linux bundles to deploy the software to managed devices.

  • Replicate content and create Linux Dependency bundles to make the software packages available to the managed devices to resolve package dependencies.

  • Download the source RPMs from remote repositories and create monolithic Linux bundles.

  • Replicate patches from remote update repositories to create Patch bundles. If you want to replicate only the patches of a selected category, you can use category-based filters.

This section provides information about the various subscription types and the different subscription settings.