B.1 Preparing the Environment

Before you use ZENworks 2020 or later to upgrade the OES 2018 SP1 servers to OES 2018 SP2, you must have the following:

  • A ZENworks 2020 or later server installed and running in your network. For more information, see the ZENworks Server Installation.

  • The ZENworks 2020 or later agent installed on each OES 2018 SP1 server that you plan to upgrade.

  • Each OES 2018 SP1 server registered with the ZENworks 2020 or later server.

  • Each OES 2018 SP1 server updated with the latest OES 2018 SP1 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, (SLES) 12 SP3 patches: OES2018-SP1-SLES12-SP3-Updates-bundle (with install action), OES2018-SP1-SLES12-SP3-Pool-bundle, OES2018-SP1-Updatesbundle (with install action) and OES2018-SP1-Pool-bundle, OES2018-SP1-SLEModule-Containers12-Pool and OES2018-SP1-SLE-Module-Containers12-Updates (with install action).

After the SLES12-SP3-Updates-bundle and the OES2018-SP1-Updates-bundle install successfully, reboot the machine and then remove the OES2018-SP1-Updates-bundle and OES2018-SP1-Pool-bundle assignments.