4.1 Viewing the Agent Status

The Full Disk Encryption Agent provides a variety of status information related to the enforcement of the Full Disk Encryption policy on the device. For example, the agent displays the current enforcement settings for both encryption and pre-boot authentication. It also lists the Emergency Recovery Information (ERI) files created for the device and shows the enforcement history for previous Full Disk Encryption policies or versions applied to the device.

To view the Full Disk Encryption Agent status information:

  1. Make sure you know the FDE Admin password for the policy that is assigned to the device.

    To view the agent status, you must know the FDE Admin password for the policy assigned to the device, or you must know the ZENworks Agent override password or key. For more information about passwords, see Section B.0, Administrator Passwords.

  2. Open the Full Disk Encryption agent on the managed device. See Accessing the Full Disk Encryption Agent.

  3. Click Agent Status, in the Full Disk Encryption dialog box, type the FDE Admin password for the policy, and then click OK.

    The Agent Status dialog box includes tabs for Full Disk Encryption status, Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) status, and general agent settings status.

  4. After you finish viewing the status pages, click Close to exit the dialog box.