A.0 Supported Smart Card Terminals and Tokens

Beginning in ZENworks 2017 Update 1, pre-boot authentication uses an upgraded CCID device manager, so the Smart Card Reader setting is permanently configured to AUTO Detect devices for the reader type. This enhancement makes incompatibility uncommon with UEFI devices.

After upgrading Full Disk Encryption to a 2017 Update 1 or later version, legacy BIOS devices will not support the following smart card terminals:

  • Kobil B1 PCMCIA

  • Kobil B1 Professional

  • Kobil B1S Professional

  • O2 Micro

  • O2 Micro PCMCIA

  • RicohPCI

  • SCM SCR 241/243

NOTE:For supported smart card terminals and tokens pre-ZENworks 2017 Update 1, see the ZENworks 2017 documentation.

Integrated PKCS#11 Middleware. The following PKCS#11 middleware is integrated into the Linux-based Pre-Boot Authentication component:

  • A.E.T. SafeSign PKCS#11

  • Aladdin PKCS#11

  • Charismathics

  • Cryptovision

  • Gemalto .NET


  • Oberthur

  • RSA SecurID 800 PKCS#11

  • Schlumberger



  • TCrypt 11

NOTE:a.Trust PKCS providers are not supported for UEFI devices.