7.2 Generating a Certificate by Using NetIQ ConsoleOne

  1. Ensure that eDirectory is configured as the CA.

  2. Issue the certificate for the Primary Server:

    1. Launch ConsoleOne.

    2. Log in to the eDirectory tree as an administrator with the appropriate rights.

      For more information about the appropriate rights, see the Entry Rights Needed to Perform Tasks section in the NetIQ Certificate Server 3.3 documentation.

    3. From the Tools menu, click Issue Certificate.

    4. Browse for and select the zcm.csr file, then click Next.

    5. Complete the wizard by accepting the default values.

    6. Specify the certificate basic constraints, then click Next.

    7. Specify the validity period and the effective and expiration dates, then click Next.

    8. Click Finish.

    9. Choose to save the certificate in the DER-format, then specify a name for the certificate.

  3. Export the Organizational CA's self-signed certificate:

    1. Log in to eDirectory from ConsoleOne.

    2. In the Security container, right-click the CA, then click Properties.

    3. In the Certificates tab, select the self-signed certificate.

    4. Click Export.

    5. When prompted to export the private key, click No.

    6. Export the certificate in DER format and choose the location where you want to save the certificate.

    7. Click Finish.

You should now have the three files that you need to install ZENworks using an external CA.