6.1 Enabling a User Source for Mobile Device Enrollment

6.1.1 Procedure

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Users (in the left navigation pane) to display the list of User Sources.

  2. Next to the user source, click Details to display its property pages.

  3. In the Summary tab, do one of the following:

    Allow simple enrollment: Simple enrollment removes the domain requirement and enables users to enroll devices by providing only their user name.

    Simple enrollment is allowed for only one user source. To allow simple enrollment, next to the Simple Enrollment field click Yes. After you enable simple enrollment for one user source, it is not available for any other user source. Also, if you change this setting from one user source to another, then you might have to re-configure the email accounts, as it might not work properly.

    NOTE:If you are configuring a user source for the first time, then simple enrollment will be enabled by default.

    Domain Alias: As simple enrollment is allowed for only one user source, if you have multiple user sources in the zone, you can authenticate the user by providing the domain alias, specified in this setting. To edit the default domain alias, click Edit, specify the domain name and then click OK.

    NOTE:The domain name is pre-populated as soon as you add a user source.

    You can decide what to use as your domain name. For example, you can use your organization’s name, your organization’s domain name, or your ActiveSync server domain name (if applicable). Since users need to supply the domain name on their mobile devices, it is recommended that you make it as easy as possible for them to remember and type. The following are valid domain name examples: mycompany, mycompany.com. You should avoid using ZENworks_Default as the domain name.

    NOTE:If a configured user source is deleted and the same user source is configured again, then all those mobile devices that were enrolled using the earlier user source, would have to be re-enrolled to the ZENworks Management Zone. However, before re-enrolling these devices ensure that the respective device objects are deleted from ZCC.