26.7 Send Message

You can send a message from ZENworks Control Center to an Android device that is enrolled as a fully managed device. The message consists of a subject and a body (140 character limit). It shows up as a notification on the device, if notifications are turned on for the ZENworks Agent app.

26.7.1 Procedure

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Devices > Mobile Devices to display your enrolled mobile devices.

  2. Select the check box in front of the Android device you want to refresh, click Quick Tasks > Send Message to display the Send Message dialog box.

  3. Provide a subject and message, then click Next to display the quick task options.

  4. Leave the quick task options set to the defaults and click Start to send the message.

  5. Click Hide to close the quick task, after the quick task is initiated.

  6. On the Android device, open the Notification area to view the message.