7.8 Configuring a Proxy Server

You can define an HTTP Proxy Server to enable MDM Servers to connect to the Internet through the proxy server. These proxy servers can used by the MDM Servers to contact the APNs Server, FCM Server, and managed mobile devices. To configure a proxy server, navigate to Configuration > Management Zone Settings > Infrastructure Management > HTTP Proxy Settings > HTTP Proxy Settings for MDM Servers.

  • Proxy Host: Specify the IP address of the Proxy Server.

    NOTE:As Apple currently supports only IPv4 addresses, you need to specify an IPv4 address as the Proxy Host. However, when Apple extends its support to include IPv6 addresses in the future, then you can specify IPv6 addresses as the Proxy Host.

  • Port: Specify the port number on which the Proxy Server is listening.

  • Proxy Server requires authentication: Select this option if the Proxy Server requires authentication information from the server. On selecting this option, you can specify the credentials to authenticate to the Proxy Server.

  • Test URL: Specify the URL of a web application or a web server and click Test Proxy to verify the connection of the specified Proxy Server. The Test URL should be specified in the following format, for example: https://www.microfocus.com.


  • Proxy Server details are cached in the ZENworks Server memory. If you modify the Proxy Server details, then it will take at least 15 minutes for these changes to become effective on all servers.

  • Proxy Server should be configured to allow HTTP and SSL communication.