22.11 Viewing Information of Apps Installed on Devices

The list of apps installed on the device, can be viewed in the Apps tab of a specific device in ZCC. The Apps page lists all the apps which are inventoried and assigned to a device.

To view the Apps page:

  1. In ZCC, click Devices.

  2. In the Devices page, click Mobile Devices.

  3. In the Mobile Devices page, select a device and click Apps.

Following are some of the tasks that you can perform in the Apps page.




You can export all the app information displayed in this page as a CSV file. Click Export > As CSV, which creates a ZIP folder. This ZIP folder contains a CSV file, which contains all the app information that are displayed in the Apps page.


You can filter the data displayed on this page by specifying either the App Name, Publisher, Bundle or the Package Name in the search field. You can further filter the data based on the App Type.

To filter the data, click and select the appropriate option.

Show/Hide Columns

To arrange the columns in the summary page, click and select the columns that need to be displayed in the summary page.

Following are the columns available for display:

  • Name: Displays the name of the app.

  • Version: Displays the version of the app.

  • Publisher: Displays the name of the app publisher.

  • Package Name: Displays the package name that is associated with the app.

  • Cost: Displays the cost associated with the app. The app can be free, free with in-app purchases or paid.

  • App Size: Displays the size of the app in MBs.

  • App Store ID: Displays the app store ID. This is displayed only for iOS devices.

  • Region: Displays the name of the geographical location from where the app was installed.

  • App Type: Displays the type of app. The app type can be any one of the following:

    • System: Apps that are either a part of the operating system or installed on the device by the device manufacturer. System apps are displayed only for Android devices.

    • Managed: Apps that are managed through ZENworks. A managed app is one that was deployed through ZENworks to a device.

    • Non-managed: Apps that are installed by the user that are not managed through ZENworks. A non-managed app is an app that was installed on the device before enrolling with ZENworks, or an app that was downloaded directly from the device without being deployed through ZENworks.

  • Installation Status: Displays the installation status of the app. The status can either be installed or not installed. The status is not installed when the app is assigned, but not installed on the device.

  • Trusted App: Displays whether the app is trusted or not. If the app is not installed from Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS), then it is considered as a not trusted app.

  • App Store Type: Displays whether the app is downloaded from Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS).

  • Apple VPP App: Displays Yes if the app is managed by the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

  • Enterprise App: Displays Yes if the app is distributed through Self-hosted private apps or Google-hosted private apps.

  • Bundle Name: Displays the name of the bundle through which the app was installed on the device. If the app was installed through one bundle, then the bundle name link is displayed. If multiple bundles were assigned for the same app, the View Bundles link is displayed instead of the bundle name link. Click the link to access the bundles page that displays the list of bundles.