30.1 Prerequisites

Before proceeding with the configuration, ensure that you have the following in place:


  • The Azure administrator and end users should have a Microsoft Enterprise mobility + Security license.

  • The Azure Administrator should have an Application Administrator role along with Intune Administrator role or a Privileged Role Administrator linked to the Azure Account. For more information, see the Microsoft Documentation.


  • Enable the following admin rights in ZENworks:

    • Configure Intune App Management under Zone Rights.

    • Modify Settings under Zone Rights.

    • Modify under User Rights.

  • Ensure that the ZENworks server that will be used to configure Microsoft Graph API and manage Intune apps, has outbound connectivity to contact the Azure portal.

  • Ensure that you always allow pop-ups for the ZCC page from which Microsoft Graph API is being configured.

  • Ensure that the local Active Directory user context (to which this configuration will be associated) is synced with Azure Active Directory (AD). You also need to ensure that the following attributes present in the local user source are synced with the Azure AD:

    • objectsid

    • userprincipalname