26.2 Inventory Scan

You can schedule an Inventory Scan to collect the device inventory details by navigating to the Mobile Device Inventory page. For more information, see Collecting Mobile Device Inventory. If you selected the No Schedule option in the Mobile Device Inventory page, then you can manually trigger the Inventory Scan quick task. On initiating the quick task, hardware and managed apps information is collected by default. Non-managed apps and system app information is collected based on your selection in the Apps Inventory section in the Mobile Device Inventory page.

26.2.1 Procedure

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Devices > Mobile Devices to display your enrolled mobile devices.

  2. Select the check box in front of the device, click Quick Tasks > Inventory Scan to display the Inventory Scan dialog box.

  3. Leave the quick task options set to the defaults and click Start to initiate the quick task.

  4. Click Hide to close the quick task, after the quick task is initiated.

  5. On the device, open the Notification area to view the message.