22.3 Distributing iOS Enterprise Apps

This bundle lets you distribute an enterprise app or an in-house app that is not meant to be available for the general public and is not published in the app store.

22.3.1 Procedure

  1. On the Getting Started with Mobile Management page, navigate to the Deploy Mobile Applications section and click Create Bundles. Alternatively, from the left hand side navigation pane of ZCC, click Bundles > New > Bundle.

  2. On the Select Bundle Type page, click iOS Bundle.

  3. On the Select Bundle Category page, click iOS Enterprise.

  4. On the Define Details page, specify a name for the bundle, select the folder in which to place the bundle, then click Next.

  5. In the Import App Information page, you can import the enterprise app information by performing any of the following operations:

    • IPA File: Upload a .IPA file which contains the app information. Ensure that the app name, the app identifier and the minimum OS version parameters are specified in the info.plist (within the uploaded .IPA file), without which you will be unable to proceed further.

    • Manifest URL: Specify the URL of the manifest file that will be used by the device to find, download and install the app. If the manifest file is hosted on an external server whose server certificate is not trusted by a well-known CA, then you will be required to trust the SSL certificate of this external server to enable ZENworks to securely access the server. This server certificate should also be trusted by the device, failing which the device will be not be able to read the app information in the specified manifest URL.

    Click Next.

  6. In the summary page, click Create Sandbox, if you want to create a Sandbox only version of the bundle.

  7. Click Finish to complete the activity.

You can continue to assign this bundle to an iOS device. For more information, see Assigning Bundles.