15.1 What is Android in the enterprise?

Android in the enterprise is a program for mobile devices running on the Android operating system that enables IT admins to manage and secure mobile business applications on users’ devices. ZENworks currently supports the work profile mode and the work-managed device mode of enrollment.

  • The work profile mode, also known as the Profile Owner mode, creates dedicated containers on devices for corporate apps and data, thereby enabling the organization to manage only the corporate data without compromising on the security of the users’ personal data. This mode is intended for the BYOD scenario, where the user gets to bring their own devices to the workplace.

  • The work-managed device mode, also known as the Device Owner mode, enables administrators to manage the entire device, thereby restricting the device to corporate use only. This mode is mainly intended for corporate-owned devices.

To know more about Integrating ZENworks with Android Enterprise, you can also refer to the following videos: