15.3 Creating and Assigning Android Enterprise Enrollment Policy

Along with the Mobile Device Enrollment Policy, to enroll an Android device, you also need to create and assign an Android Enterprise Enrollment Policy. While assigning this policy, you need to ensure that it is assigned to the same set of users who are part of the user context associated with the Android Enterprise Subscription.

To create an Android Enterprise Enrollment Policy:

  1. Click Policies in the left hand pane in ZCC.

  2. Click New > Policy.

  3. Select Mobile and click Next.

  4. Select Android and click Next.

  5. Retain the default selection, Android Enterprise Enrollment Policy, and click Next.

  6. Specify a policy name, a policy folder and a short description of the policy. Click Next.

  7. Review the summary page and click Finish.

To assign this policy to relevant users:

  1. In the Policies panel, select the policy you want to assign.

  2. Click Action > Assign to User.

  3. Follow the prompts to assign the policy.

NOTE:For this policy, device assignments are supported only for those devices that have already been enrolled using the Device Admin API (the basic mode of enrollment) and need to be re-enrolled to the zone in the work profile or work-managed device mode. From the ZENworks 2017 Update 4 release onwards, the basic mode of enrollment has been deprecated.

When you complete the wizard, the assigned users are added to the policy’s Relationships page. You can click the policy to view the assignments.