15.5 Enrolling Devices in the Work-managed Device Mode

To enroll an Android device as a work-managed device, the user needs to start up the device. For an existing user or if the user has already turned the device on and completed device setup, a factory reset of the device will be required.


  1. Follow the initial setup screens such as language setup and Wi-Fi configuration.

  2. Specify the AFW identifier (afw#zenworks) in the Email field in the Add your Account setup screen.

  3. Click Next in the Android for Work page to proceed with the ZENworks App installation.

    The ZENworks agent app will be automatically downloaded on the device.

  4. Click Install to install the app on the device and follow the prompts to complete setting up the device.

  5. Follow the prompts appearing in the remaining screens to set up a work-managed device. The following screens are displayed:

  6. The device is now setup but is yet to be enrolled as a work-managed device. The user needs to login to the app with the following details:

    Username, Password, Domain, Server URL: Specify the username, password, and registration domain (if Allow Simple Enrollment is disabled for the user) along with the server URL of the ZENworks MDM Server.

    NOTE:If instead of the login screen, the device’s home screen is displayed, then open the ZENworks Agent App from the Applications Menu on your device.

    Alternatively, the user can also scan the QR code in the Invite Email to autofill the login credentials. To do this, tap Scan to autofill in the ZENworks Agent app. If the user has enabled the permission to allow ZENworks to access the device camera, then the camera will automatically open and the user needs to point the camera to the QR code appearing in the To enroll an iOS, Blackberry or Windows > mobile devices section of the default Invite Email. After scanning the QR code, the user is redirected to the ZENworks Agent App, in which all the login details are automatically filled and the user has to only specify the login password.

    The work-managed device is automatically setup on the device.

  7. If you have configured the Mobile Enrollment policy to allow the user to specify the device ownership (corporate or personal), the user is prompted for that information. Tap OK.

  8. The device information can now be viewed in ZCC. Click Devices > Mobile Devices (or navigate to the folder as configured in the Mobile Enrollment Policy) from the left hand navigation pane in ZCC. Click the appropriate device and view its details in the Summary page. The enrollment mode is displayed as Android App and Work-managed Device Mode is also enabled.

NOTE:On an Android 8.0+ device that has a device password already enabled, ZENworks will send a notification to confirm the existing device credentials (PIN, pattern or passcode), immediately after enrollment. When the user confirms the device credentials, the Reset Password Enabled status displayed on the Device Information page in ZCC, is activated. This will enable you to send the Unlock Device quick task, if the user forgets the device’s credentials. For more information on this quick task, see Unlocking a Device

You can now distribute work apps, such as Gmail, to the device. Unlike in the work profile mode, a badge icon will be not be attached to work apps distributed to work-managed devices.