11.0 Creating and Assigning a Mobile Email Policy

You need to create a Mobile Email Policy to manage the corporate email account of devices within your zone. With this policy you can grant permissions to configure an email account, maintain email synchronization settings, restrict or allow users to move between email accounts and other third party applications. To enable ZENworks to manage all corporate emails sent and received on the enrolled mobile device, you need to allow the ZENworks Server to act as a proxy server for the ActiveSync Server, in the assigned Mobile Email Policy. This will route all email traffic through the ZENworks Server.

However, this policy also gives you the option to send or receive emails on these devices directly from an ActiveSync Server for a specific set of users. The configuration of an email account differs as per the mode in which the device is enrolled. For more information on the various enrollment modes, see Enrolling Mobile Devices.

  • iOS device enrolled as a fully managed device: If a Mobile Email Policy is assigned to a fully managed iOS device, then an email account of the device‚Äôs in-built email client is automatically configured on the device based on these settings. If the assigned Mobile Email Policy does not use ZENworks as the proxy server, the device can send or receive corporate emails. However, the email account will not be managed by ZENworks.

  • ActiveSync Only devices: To enable ZENworks to manage the corporate email account on a device enrolled as an ActiveSync Only device, the assigned Mobile Email Policy should have the ZENworks Server acting as a proxy for the ActiveSync Server. If the assigned Mobile Email Policy does not use the ZENworks Server as the proxy server or if no Mobile Email Policy is assigned to a device, then ZENworks will not be able to manage corporate emails on the device.

NOTE:For fully-managed Android devices, ZENworks supports enrollment only in the work profile or work-managed device modes. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not assign a Mobile Email Policy to these devices. The email account on these devices should directly communicate with the configured ActiveSync server. To configure the corporate email account, you can provision bundles with apps such as Gmail. For more information, see Provisioning Applications.

However, if you are using ZENworks as the proxy for the configured ActiveSync Server, then assign the Mobile Email Policy to the device and ensure that the Allow Manual Reconciliation by User setting is enabled in the assigned Mobile Enrollment Policy. For more information, see Allowing Manual Reconciliation by the User.