22.6 Distributing Android Apps

ZENworks lets you distribute Android work apps to Android devices enrolled in the work-managed or work profile modes. ZENworks distributes work apps to users through managed Google Play, which is Android’s app management platform for enterprise users. Subsequently, all app licenses are managed by ZENworks through managed Google Play.

ZENworks also lets you distribute the System App bundles to enable or disable apps on Android devices.

22.6.1 Approving Apps in Google Play

After creating an Android Enterprise Subscription in ZCC, visit managed Google Play to approve apps for distribution. For more information on creating an Android Enterprise Subscription, see Enrolling the Organization to Android Enterprise.

The type of apps that are made available for distribution are:

  • Public Apps: : Available to the general public in Google Play.

  • Private Apps: : Customized apps developed for specific enterprise customers. These apps are of two types; Google-hosted private apps and Self-hosted private apps. For more information, see https://developers.google.com/android/work/distribute.

For more information on approving apps, see the managed Google Play Help Center.

As soon as the apps are approved in managed Google Play, ZENworks identifies these apps and populates them in ZCC. Simultaneously, bundles are created for these apps within the Android Enterprise Subscription folder, thereby enabling you to distribute the apps to users. You can view these apps in the Apps Catalog page.

For more information on assigning Android bundles, see Assigning Android bundles.