23.2 Editing App Permissions

ZENworks lets you edit the default runtime permissions of the approved Android work apps in the Apps Catalog page. Runtime permissions are a set of dangerous permissions as defined by Google. You can edit permissions for apps against which the icon is displayed. This icon indicates that either the runtime permissions or managed configurations require your attention.

To edit the permissions, in the Apps Catalog page, select the app and click Action > Edit Permissions. The Edit Permissions dialog lists all the permissions used by the app. You can edit the Runtime State against each runtime permission. Any customized permissions created by the app developer that does not have a name associated with it, is displayed as a Custom Permission and its value cannot be edited. You can set the following values for the Runtime State:

  • Denied: Automatically denies the permission and the user cannot edit the permission on the device.

  • Granted: Automatically grants the permission and the user cannot edit the permission on the device.

  • Default: Users can manage the permission through the device UI.

If the permissions are not edited in this dialog box, then the permissions as set in the assigned Mobile Device Control Policy will apply. After applying your changes, it will reflect on the device as soon as it syncs with the server. In the future, if the app developer updates the permissions, then these updates will be indicated by the icon.