29.1 Specifying corporate accounts to provision devices

To enable FRP, you need to create a Mobile Device Control policy and enable the Allow factory reset protection setting in the policy. On enabling this setting, you can specify the corporate accounts of users that are authorized to provision devices that have undergone a hard factory reset. While configuring the corporate account, you need to specify the email address and the corresponding ID of the authorized user. To obtain the ID, you need to:

  1. Navigate to https://developers.google.com/people/api/rest/v1/people/get and login with your Google account credentials.

  2. Specify people/me in the resourceName field appearing in the right pane of the page.

  3. Specify metadata in the personFields field appearing in the right pane of the page.

  4. Click Execute.

  5. Select the Google account for which you want to obtain the ID and accept the permission.

The ID is displayed as an integer string.

For more information on enabling FRP setting in the Mobile Device Control policy, see Editing a Mobile Device Control Policy Setting