32.1 Procedure

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Devices > Mobile Devices to display your enrolled mobile devices.

  2. Select the check box in front of the mobile device, click Quick Tasks > Unenroll Device to display the Unenroll dialog box.

  3. Select the data removal option for the device, that is, Selectively Wipe the devices, by removing only corporate data and email or Fully wipe the devices, resetting them to factory setting. Select Delete the devices from the zone or select Retire the devices (devices remain in the zone). Enter a reason for unenrolling the device, then click Next to display the quick task options.

  4. (Conditional) If the Full Wipe option is selected, then select Wipe Factory Reset Protection data to wipe the FRP details from the device as well as the ZENworks database. These FRP details are the corporate accounts that can provision the device after a hard factory reset.

  5. Leave the quick task options set to the defaults and click Start to send the task to the devic e.

  6. Click Hide to close the quick task after the quick task is initiated.

    The quick task will not complete if the ZENworks Primary Server is unable to contact the device. In this case, you can close the quick task, refresh the Devices list, select the mobile device, and click Delete to remove the device from the management zone.

    NOTE:If the device is offline and the Delete option is selected, then the status of the device changes to Wipe Pending. Subsequently, the device will be deleted when it is online. However, if Retire is selected, then the device status changes to Retired irrespective of whether the device is online or offline.

  7. Click in the upper-right corner of the Devices list to refresh the list.

    If the Delete the devices from the zone option was selected, then the device is no longer listed. However, if the Retire the devices option was selected, then the device will be listed with the status as retired.

    NOTE:During unenrollment, if VPP apps are installed on the device, then these apps are automatically uninstalled from the device. However, for App Store Apps (distributed using App Store App bundles) the apps are uninstalled based on the configured app settings (Retain App on Unenrollment).

    If a device is in Retired or Wipe Pending state and if an iOS bundle created through an Apple VPP subscription is assigned to the device, then the app will be uninstalled and the license will be revoked. However, if the VPP related iOS bundle is assigned to the user, then the app will be uninstalled and the license revoked, if the device is the only device associated with the user.

    If you unretire a device in ZCC using the Unretire Device action, then the device will not automatically sync with the ZENworks server and reconcile with the unretired device object in ZCC. You need to re-enroll the device again using one of the enrollment methods, after which the device reconcile with the unretired device object. For more information on these enrollment methods, see Enrolling Mobile Devices.

If a device is in Retired or Wipe Pending state, then to remove this device from the ZENworks system, select the device and click Delete.