30.3 Policy Sync Schedule

Configure the schedule to enable ZENworks to sync the Intune App Protection policy with Azure. When the sync schedule is configured, ZENworks ensures that all policies and assignments are replicated in Azure. If any error occurs during the creation or assignment of policies in Azure, the sync provides an auto correction mechanism that will retry these actions during the next sync.

To configure a sync schedule:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Configuration.

  2. In the Configuration page, click Intune App Management, and then click Policy Sync Schedule.

  3. In the Policy Sync Schedule page, perform the following:

    1. Click the browse icon and select a Primary Server that should perform the sync operation.

    2. The Status panel displays the current status of the sync operation with Azure.

      Click Run Full Sync to perform a full sync with Azure.

      NOTE:The Last sync with Azure field displays the time stamp of the last sync with Azure.

    3. In the Schedule section, configure a schedule to sync with Azure.

      1. In the Schedule Type field, select one of the following schedules and fill in the fields:

        • No Schedule: Select this option if you do not want the event to run automatically. The sync operation should be performed manually to get the latest changes from Azure.

        • Recurring: Depending on the configured schedule, ZENworks syncs with Azure on the specified days. For more information on the options that can be configured for this schedule, see Recurring in ZENworks Primary Server and Satellite Reference.

      2. Click OK or Apply.