33.1 Unenrolling the Organization

To unenroll from Android enterprise management, you should delete the Android Enterprise Subscription from ZENworks Control Center.

Before deleting the Android Enterprise Subscription, administrators should be aware of the following:

  • NCC credentials are required to delete the subscription.

  • By deleting the Android Enterprise Subscription, your enterprise will be unenrolled from managed Google Play. However, data associated with this subscription will be deleted only after 30 days. Within the next 30 days, if you create a new Android Enterprise Subscription using the same email ID, ZENworks might be able to recognize the enterprise details and restore the subscription data.

  • The user context associated with the deleted subscription, cannot be associated with the new subscription. You can select an alternate user context. If you still want to use the same user context then either wait for 30 days or run the zman subscription-clear-ae command.

  • You can also delete the organization from managed Google Play. The subscription and its data will be deleted from ZENworks only after 24 hours. To delete the organization from managed Google Play:

    1. Navigate to Managed Google Play and log in using the credentials that you had used to create the Android Enterprise Subscription.

    2. On the left hand panel, click Admin Settings.

    3. In the Organization Information panel, click the hamburger menu and click Delete Organization.

    4. Confirm your action in the Delete Organization pop-up.

To delete the Android Enterprise Subscription:

  1. In ZCC, click Subscribe and Share.

  2. In the Subscription panel, select the subscription, and click Delete.

  3. In the Delete Subscription pop-up, specify the NCC credentials, and then click OK.

NOTE:To delete the data associated with unenrolled subscription, run the zman sca command. All data including bundles, apps, users and other data associated with unenrolled subscription will be deleted from ZENworks.