22.5 Distributing iOS Update Bundles

An OS update for mobile devices are vital as it provides a whole lot of feature improvements and vulnerability fixes. However, if the devices are not updated with the latest OS update, then the device might be vulnerable to critical enterprise risks.

This Update feature enables ZENworks administrators to enforce the OS update on all supervised devices in the zone. To enforce the OS update on mobile devices, you need to create an iOS Update bundle and then assign the bundle to the devices.

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Bundles.

  2. In the Bundles page, click New, and then select Bundles.

  3. Select iOS Bundle and click Next.

  4. Select iOS Update and click Next.

  5. In the Define Details page, perform the following steps, and then click Next:

    • Specify a bundle name.

    • Select a folder for the bundle.

    • Specify a description for the bundle.

  6. In the Available update versions page, the Available update versions drop-down lists all the available OS update. Select the available update.


    • Depending on the iOS update versions available for the iOS devices in your Management Zone, the Available update versions list is populated.

    • If the iOS update is not listed, then none of the devices in the zone has reported the version as an available OS update.

    After selecting the update version, following information is displayed:

    • Product Name

    • Product Key

    • Version

    • Build

    • Is Update Critical

    • Is Restart Required

  7. Review the OS update information, and then click Next.

  8. In the Summary page, review the information, and then click Finish.


  • Ensure that you assign the iOS Update bundles only to supervised devices.

  • If a passcode is enabled on the device, the OS update is downloaded, but the update will not be installed on the device. To install the update, you need to perform the following steps:

    1. Create and assign the bundle to the device.

    2. Assign the Unlock Device quick task.

      As soon as the device is unlocked, the OS update is initiated on the device.

  • After the update is downloaded, it will be installed as part of the next device refresh and the device will reboot automatically.

NOTE:If the passcode is disabled for updating the device, then after the device is updated, ensure that the users enable the passcode again. You can also assign the Mobile Security Policy to enforce the users to set the passcode on their devices.

For more information, see Mobile Security Policy.

22.5.1 Assigning the iOS Update Bundle

After creating the iOS update bundle you need to assign the bundle to the devices. For information on assigning the bundle, see the Assigning iOS App Store App, Enterprise, Profile, and Corporate Bundle section.

NOTE:The OS update will be downloaded to the device from the Apple server, and then it will be installed on the device during the next device sync.