3.7 Initiating a Patch Scan

Use this quick task to update the primary server with required patches for one or more selected devices without waiting for a scheduled scan so that patches can be identified for caching and installation.The actions and results for the different Patch Scan options are explained in more detail below:

3.7.1 Scan using updated patch scan signature (DAU) file

This default option retrieves the latest information from the patch repository to scan selected devices. If there are patches available in the patch repository that the selected devices require and do not have, the scan will upload that information to the server.

3.7.2 Scan using device’s current patch scan signature (DAU) file

This option scans the selected devices using the patch signature file currently available on each device and uploads the results of required patches to the server. The uploaded results might not be the latest from the patch repository for applicable devices.

3.7.3 No scan; retrieve existing scan results only

This option uploads or refreshes the results of the last patch scan that occurred for each selected device. The uploaded results might not include all patches from the current patch signature file on each device and/or the latest patch signatures from the patch repository.