1.2 Zone Configuration

Before you start taking full advantage of the management capabilities provided by the ZENworks products you activated during installation of your Management Zone, there are a few configuration tasks you need to complete to ensure that your Management Zone is configured correctly.



Folder icon

Create folders and groups for organizing devices

Organize devices into folders and groups to ease the overhead involved in applying ZENworks configuration settings and performing tasks on similar devices. Rather than making assignments or performing tasks on individual devices, you can manage the folders and groups, with each device in a folder or group inheriting the assignment or task.

For instructions, see Organizing Devices: Folders and Groups.

Registration icon

Create registration keys or rules

ZENworks Agent must be deployed on each device that you want to manage. When you deploy the ZENworks Agent to a device, the device is registered in your Management Zone.

You can use registration keys or rules to automatically assign devices to the appropriate folders and groups, enabling the devices to immediately inherit any assignments associated with the folders and groups.

For instructions, see Creating Registration Keys and Rules.

Usersource icon

Add user sources

You can connect to one or more LDAP directories to provide authoritative user sources in ZENworks.

Adding a user source lets you associate ZENworks administrator accounts with LDAP user accounts and associate devices with the users who primarily use them. In addition, adding users enables additional functionality for the following ZENworks products:

  • Configuration Management: Enables you to assign bundles and policies to users as well as devices. Enables user-based inventory reports.

  • Asset Management: Enables you to account for software licenses on a user basis as well as a device basis.

  • Endpoint Security Management: Enables you to assign policies to users as well as devices.

For instructions, see Connecting to User Sources.

Admin icon

Create additional administrator accounts

During installation, a default ZENworks administrator account (named Administrator) is created. This is a Super Administrator account. It has full administrative rights within the Management Zone.

You can create additional administrator accounts and give them Super Administrator rights. Or, you can create administrator accounts with restricted rights to limit the administrator’s scope of accessible tasks, devices, and users.

For instructions, see Creating an Administrator Account.

Admin Group icon

Create administrator group accounts

You can choose to create administrator groups. If you assign rights and roles to an administrator group, the assigned rights and roles are applicable to all the members within the group.

For instructions, see Creating an Administrator Group Account.

Configuration icon

Modify zone configuration settings

The Management Zone settings are preset to provide the most common configuration. You don’t need to change any settings at this time, but you might want to browse the settings to become more familiar with them.

For instructions, see Modifying Configuration Settings.

Configuration icon

Update ZENworks Software

The System Updates feature allows you to obtain updates to the ZENworks software on a timely basis, and also allows you to schedule automatic downloads of the updates.

For instructions, see Updating ZENworks Software.

Registration icon

Create Locations

Security policies can be global or specific to locations. A global policy is applied in all locations. A location-based policy is applied only when the ZENworks Agent determines that the device’s network environment matches the environment defined for the location.

For instructions, see Creating Locations.