1.3 Agent Deployment

The ZENworks Agent communicates with the ZENworks Server to perform management tasks on a device. You must deploy the ZENworks Agent to all devices you want to manage. Deploying the ZENworks Agent installs the agent files and registers the device in your Management Zone. For more information on enrolling mobile devices to the zone, see Enrolling Mobile Devices.



Enable the ZENworks Agent features

The ZENworks Agent includes features specific to each of the ZENworks products (Asset Management, Configuration Management, Endpoint Security Management, Full Disk Encryption, and Patch Management). By default, the features for your activated products (licensed and evaluation) are enabled during Management Zone installation. However, you should verify the configuration in ZENworks Control Center.

For instructions, see Configuring ZENworks Agent Features.

Secure the ZENworks Agent

You can configure the ZENworks Agent uninstall and self-defense settings.

For instructions, see Configuring ZENworks Agent Security.

Deployment icon

Install the ZENworks Agent

You can use a variety of methods to install the ZENworks Agent to a device:

  • Use ZENworks Control Center to deploy the agent from a ZENworks Server to the device.

  • At the device, use a Web browser to download the agent from a ZENworks Server and install it.

  • Include the agent in an image and apply the image to the device.

For instructions, see Installing the ZENworks Agent.

System Tray (Blue Z) icon

Log in and use the ZENworks Agent

To receive user-assigned bundles and policies on a device, you must log in to the Management Zone.

For instructions, see Using the ZENworks Agent.