12.4 Starting the Patch Subscription Service

Before you can begin receiving patches, you need to start the subscription service on one of your ZENworks Servers and set the daily schedule for downloading patches.

When a new patch is available from the subscription service, a ZENworks Server downloads it automatically. The Patches page (on the Security tab) displays the new patch, along with a description and business impact. You can deploy the patch to devices or disregard the patch.

Patch Management stays current with the latest patches and fixes by regular Internet communication with the ZENworks Patch Subscription Service. After the initial 60-day evaluation period, Patch Management requires a paid subscription to continue its daily download of the latest vulnerability and patch information.

If there are multiple ZENworks Servers in your Management Zone, you can select any one of them to be the Patch Management Server. The server that is selected as the Patch Management Server should have the best connectivity to the Internet, because it is downloading new patches and updates on a daily basis.

To start the subscription service:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Configuration tab.

  2. In the Management Zone Settings panel, click Security, and then click Patch Subscription Service Information.

  3. In the Start the Subscription Service list, select the ZENworks Server that you want to run the subscription service, then click Start Service.

    After the subscription service starts running, the Start Service button reads Service Running.

  4. In the Subscription Communication Interval (Every Day at) list, select the time each day that you want patches downloaded.

  5. Click OK.