4.0 Configuring ZENworks Agent Settings after Deployment

By default, the ZENworks Agent is deployed with the features selected at the Management Zone level in the Agent Features panel of ZENworks Control Center. For more information on how to customize the agent features during deployment, see Customizing Features before Deployment. After the deployment, you can choose to uninstall, enable or disable the ZENworks Agent features, configure the agent’s cache, set retry settings, and select whether to let users uninstall the agent. The User Management feature is only supported on Windows managed devices across all the ZENworks products.

You can configure settings at three levels:

  • Management Zone: The setting applies to all devices in the Management Zone.

  • Device Folder: The setting applies to all devices contained within the folder or its subfolders. It overrides the Management Zone setting.

  • Device: The setting applies only to the device for which it is configured. It overrides the settings established at the Management Zone and folder levels.

The following sections contain more information: