6.0 Removing the ZENworks Pre-Agent from a Device

During the uninstallation of ZENworks software from a device, if you choose to leave the ZENworks Pre-Agent installed on the device, the ZENworks Pre-Agent responds to the Advertised discovery requests and also to ZENworks Ping requests if an IP-based discovery is performed on the device.

To remove the ZENworks Pre-Agent from a device after ZENworks has been uninstalled from the device, perform the following steps:

  1. Delete the directory named ZENPreAgent from the following registry:


  2. Delete the zenworks directory from the operating system installation directory on the device. For example, if the operating system is installed in C:/:

    • On a Windows XP device: Remove C:\Windows\Novell\zenworks directory.

    • On a Windows 2000 device: Remove C:\WINNT\Novell\zenworks directory.