7.2 Creating Closest Server Rules for a Network Environment

The Network Environment Closest Servers panel in ZENworks Control Center lets you assign ZENworks Primary Servers and Satellites to the network environment. When a device is located within the network environment, it contacts the defined servers. By defining the closest servers for the network environment, you can reduce wide area network traffic and increase ZENworks performance

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Configuration > Locations.

  2. In the Network Environments panel, click the network environment to display its details.

  3. Click the Servers tab.

  4. Click Override to override the closest server settings from the location. The resulting list includes only the servers defined for the network environment and for the Closest Server Default Rule.

  5. (Conditional) If you do not want the Closest Server Default Rule to be used in determining closest servers, select the Exclude the Closest Server Default Rule option.

    Closest servers can also be configured on locations and in the Closest Server Default Rule. When a managed device requests its list of closest server, the ZENworks system combines the server lists from the network environment, location, and default rule (in that order) and passes the combined list to the device. The managed device contacts the first server in the list and continues down the list until it is able to connect. This option excludes the default rule from being included in the server list.

    NOTE:If you choose to exclude the Closest Server Default Rule for a network environment that does not have any closest server rule configured, then the network environment is considered as a disconnected network environment.

  6. Configure the closest servers:

    For more information on configuring the closest servers, see Section 6.0, Configuring the Closest Server Default Rule

  7. Click Apply to save your changes.

NOTE:L4 switches are not supported for Join Proxy satellite servers.