9.0 Using the Credential Vault

The Credential Vault stores the credentials used by ZENworks actions and tasks that require authentication to access a particular resource.

For example, if you want to create a third-party Imaging bundle by using the image files stored in a shared-network image repository that requires authentication, you can add a credential that includes the login name and password for the repository in the credential vault. During the creation of the third-party Imaging bundle, you can specify the credential name to access the repository.

ZENworks features like Third-party imaging, Intel AMT provisioning, Subscriptions download, and actions such as Copy Directory uses credentials that are stored in the credential vault.

You can use ZENworks Control Center or the zman command line utility to manage credentials. The procedures in this section explain how to manage credentials by using ZENworks Control Center. If you prefer the zman command line utility, see Credential Commands in the ZENworks Command Line Utilities Reference.

The following sections contain information to help you manage credentials: