11.7 Reboot-less Agent

When ZENworks Agent is installed or an existing managed device is updated to ZENworks 2020, the administrator can select an option not to reboot the device after completing the installation. Additionally, the administrator can select to start the Microfocus ZENworks Adaptive Agent services on the managed device. If the services are selected to be started without a reboot, the ZENworks Agent works with limited functionality until a reboot is performed by user.

The following does not work without Reboot:

  • Agent Fresh Install: ZENworks Endpoint Security Management (ZESM) and ZENworks Full Disk Encryption (ZFDE) policies including the locations will not be functional until a reboot is performed. Alternatively location lite can be used to detect locations on the managed devices with out reboot.

    Dynamic Local User (with and without Novell Client) and Roaming profile policies are not effective on Windows XP devices.

  • Agent System Update: New ZESM and FDE Policies and Newly assigned locations does not work, while the previous policies assigned works. After agent is updated it goes to the last known location, which was detected by the agent before the update started. It stays at this location until the device is rebooted.

  • Start ZENworks Services: This option starts ZENworks services in case reboot is suppressed while deploying the update to the device. It is not applicable for Primary Servers.

  • ZENworks Explorer Configuration Policy (ZECP) with "Name of the root folder" setting will not be effective.