14.0 Deploying the Inventory-Only Module

If you want to only inventory a Windows, Linux or Macintosh OS X device, you can deploy the Inventory-only module. The inventory-only module only collects and sends the inventory data. It does not perform any of the other tasks associated with the ZENworks Agent. See Operating System: Servers in the ZENworks 23.3 System Requirements for information about the platform versions on which the Inventory-Only module is supported.

NOTE:From the ZENworks 2020 Update 2 release onwards, SSL certificates are distributed to Inventory-only devices during the registration process, to secure communication between the ZENworks server and the Inventory-only device. During a server certificate remint, if for any reason the registered Inventory-only device does not receive the new certificate, then you will have to re-register the device. For more information on re-registering the device, see Re-registering Inventory-Only Devices.

The following sections provide instructions: