10.0 Registering Devices

When you install the ZENworks Agent to a device, the device is registered in your Management Zone and becomes a managed device. The following sections provide information to help you understand and manage the registration process:

IMPORTANT:If you have freshly installed ZENworks 2020 , then by default, TLS1.3 will be enabled in the zone and when you try to register an older OS version device with Microsoft .NET version older than 4.7, then the device registration fails. However, the agent will be installed on the device.

If you are upgrading an existing zone to ZENworks 2020 Update 4, TLS1.3 will not be enabled by default. If you are enabling TLS1.3 in the zone, then some of the features on the already registered devices might not work as expected and new device registration may fail if Microsoft .NET 4.7 is not installed on all the devices in the zone. For more information, see Securing ZENworks by Disabling Older Security Protocols in the ZENworks Best Practices Guide.