9.0 Managing Deployment Packages

Deployment packages contain the files and information needed to install the ZENworks Agent on devices and register the devices in the Management Zone.

Each ZENworks Server contains nine default system packages. These packages are built during installation and system update of the ZENworks Server. In addition to the ZENworks Agent files, each default system package includes the ZENworks Server address and (optionally) a key to use when registering. You cannot change which files a default system package includes, but you can customize the ZENworks Server address and registration key (which is blank unless you specify one).

For example, assume that you are deploying the ZENworks Agent to devices on your private network and to devices on the other side of a firewall or router that is using NAT (Network Address Translation). You could modify a package in order to list the ZENworks Server private network address (IP address, DNS name, or both) and also list its NAT address.

The following sections provide information and instructions to help you manage your deployment packages: