C.0 Oracle Enterprise with Partitioning

ZENworks support Oracle Partitioning, if the partitioning feature is enabled in the Oracle database. Oracle Partitioning is a separately licensed option available with the Oracle Enterprise edition only. For Oracle Standard edition, the partitioning option is not supported.

During the ZENworks installation with the Oracle database, select one of the following:

  • Yes, let ZENworks use partitioning with the Oracle database.

  • No, do not use partitioning with Oracle database.

IMPORTANT:It is recommended that you use Oracle Partitioning since it improves the application performance and manageability.

If you are using Oracle Enterprise with partitioning, you need to verify whether the Oracle partition feature is enabled with the required license.

Execute the following:

Select Value from v$option where parameter='Partitioning';

The query output value is displayed as "TRUE". This indicates that the partition is enabled. ZENworks will automatically run the partition table scripts.