ZENworks Patch Management Reference

  ZENworks Patch Management Reference
    Patch Management Overview
      What’s New
      Product Overview
      Supported Environments and Patch Content
      Patch Management Process and Workflow
    Platform Migration
      Migration Prerequisites
      Migrating Patch Management
    Post Migration Tasks
      Enabling Native Update Channel Patching
      Enabling Software Installers
    Configure Patch Management
      Activating Patch Management
      Starting the Patch Service
      Configuring the Patch Server
      Configuring Ondemand Content Masters for Patch Management
      Configuring the CVE Subscription
      Configuring Patch Pre-Fetch Settings
      Configuring Pre-Cached Content
      Cleaning up Patch Content
      Configuring the Security Dashboard
      Configuring Email Notification
      Configuring the Schedule for Vulnerability Detections
      Initiating a Patch Scan
      Configuring Patch Policy Settings
      Configuring Patch Policy Pre-Install Behavior
      Excluding the Installation of Patches
    Assess Vulnerabilities
      Security Pages
      Viewing Patches for a Device
      Accessing Patch Management Reports
    Distribute and Apply Patches
      Understanding Pre-Fetching and Pre-Caching of Patches
      Creating and Publishing Patch Policies
      Deploying Patches Manually
      Deploying Patches on Mac Devices
    Best Practices
      Testing Patches
      Deploying Patches in a Controlled Way
      Monitoring Patch Implementation
    Manage Patches
      Configure the Patch Display
      View Patch Details
      Create a Custom Patch
      Delete a Patch
      Execute Action Menu Options
      Patch Details Page
      Patch Requirements
      Patch Management Issues
      Configuration Issues
      Error Codes
    System Variables
      Patch Management System Variables
    Legal Notice